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Shay Khan
Sufi songstress
Arnold Lane & Portia Winters
Angus Strachan
Guitar and vocals
Saturday 1 June 2019
The Steamboat Tavern
78-80 New Cut West
Ipswich IP2 8HW
Wednesday 9 October 2019
Alan Wilkinson and some singer he knows
sax and voice
Viv Corringham & Sylvia Hallett
sax and voice
Trombone Poetry
Paul Taylor
Wednesday 13 November 2019
Stephen Flinn
Simo Lagnawi
Plays Moroccan Gnawa songs of the heart
Simo Lagnawi African bass guitar and voice
Jude Cowan Montague & Matt Scott
Dynamic duo
or Dec if Jude can’t do Nov (away?)
Wednesday 11 December 2019
Charles Hayward
Piano, drums, voice
Veryan Weston piano, Hugh Metcalfe
Tim (Scaledown April folksy songs Don Lupo’s friend)
Paul Taylor?
Trombone poetry
Ashley Paul
Jamie Harris Trio
Jamie Harris drums
from Hastings
Hugh suggested for April
Robin Stewart trumpet
Page after page after page of fucking shit
Penny Rimbaud, Kay Grant, Hugh Metcalfe
Veryan Weston, Hugh Metcalfe
Gardyloo Spew vocals & sax, Cos Chapman guitar, Marina Young bass, Kevin Matthews drums
Will Cobbing grandson advice
Holly Walkerton (Will Cobbing's partner who made a doco) films
Larry Stabbins
Rhodri Davies harp
Jean-Michel voice and Mathieu Bec percussion Wed 10 Apr 2019?
Altes Haus
Jonny Blamey
Rudy Curtis poet
Simon Williams, “a Klinker baby turns 18 on 14 Nov 2018!”
Luna Montenegro & Adrian Fisher
Montenegro Fisher sound poetry
Wednesday 24 August 2016
Matt Scott solo accordion
7.15pm to 7.45pm free
Bench 1
Between the Octagon Hut and the Drinking Fountain
The Broad Walk
The Regent’s Park
London NW1 4HJ
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